The NDT/NDE Industry's ONE STOP SHOP for
GEAR, APPAREL, GADGETS, JOBS AND EDUCATION. Everything you need to GET the job and DO the job!

Inspectorz Gadgetz mission is to be the TOP support website for NDT technicians by providing a ONE STOP SHOP for NDT GEAR, APPAREL, GADGETS, SUPPLIES and connections with JOBS and EDUCATION.

One of our main targets is to create a new type of interface interaction where NDT employers as well as individuals seeking NDT employment can come together and get connected. It's all about connections! We want to make connecting the right inspectors with the right company, the right company with the right supplier easy and painless. We will supply a map which will incorporate NDT company locations along with suppliers and inspectors from all over the United States. With easy to access drop down boxes for specific NDT industries and inspection types. We want to provide a website, where the worlds largest to smallest, hard working independent shops can be easily accessed at a click of a mouse. Companies in need of NDT support can easily locate persons and businesses they never knew existed. We will offer a "put yourself on the map feature", which will allow persons and smaller businesses the opportunity to level off the playing field..

We also want this to be a tool NDT personal seeking long term permanent employment can at a glance, tell who, where and which companies are doing the hiring in their location. Part time contractors can utilize and easily access industrial outrage schedules to plan their work seasons in between their off time.We will help keep track of the companies that hold the contracts. From Nuclear Power Plants & Refineries to Paper Mills all across the country and all contained under one roof.

We want our NDT people to be on top of the latest equipment releases, supplies, work apparel, new items, top jobs, training, and company news. We want to be able to provide a site where you can build your profile, upload your resume and use the "put yourself on the map" function to place your location marker on the sitemap. This function will allow third party companies direct access to you and your profile. 

We also want to be one of the biggest online NDT Virtual Shopping Malls. Providing NDT specific gear, gadgets and apparel from all the top names of NDT suppliers and manufacturers. Work boots and work clothing, MT, PT, ET, VT, & UT equipment and all purpose NDT supplies.